With a tad of cinnamon sugar, you can heat these to fresh flawlessness, wrapping a steaming hot, caramelized banana!

Recall when I posted that pizookie before in the week and afterward I posted those whole-wheat crusted chicken tenders to adjust everything? Indeed, it has returned to a pastry dish. Also, you’ll most likely disdain me for posting this yet I just needed to impart it to you.

Observe the banana lumpia, a customary Filipino bite, which includes a seared banana.

Better believe it, I told you, you’ll can’t stand me. However, hello, you need to give me some credit for baking these rather than profound singing them. Presently I genuinely didn’t prepare these trying to make them solid yet predominantly on the grounds that Jason was profoundly against staining the dividers with oil, particularly since he set up his new work area by the kitchen region. So all things considered, I heated these in a 400 degree broiler until it arrived at it’s fresh flawlessness stage, overflowing with cinnamon sugar goodness and caramelized banana that simply liquefies in your mouth.

They taste shockingly better sprinkled with salted caramel and softened chocolate alongside a scoop of vanilla bean frozen yogurt.

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